Breakthrough neuroscience on understanding motivation..  

Imagine if you knew …
… exactly how to motivate yourself and/or your staff. Motivation Factor help verbalize – and provides you with the tools to work structured and professionally with your own and/or your employees’ motivation factors.

Motivation and research
From recent brain research, we know that our motivation is rooted in our individual needs and talents. In personal change and development processes, it is absolutely essential to focus on what drives you towards the goal, and it is equally important to know what to avoid in order to stay top motivated. With this knowledge, you can work determined and focused with your motivation and willingness to adapt.

Mobilizing lasting motivation
Today we allocate considerable resources measuring external motivation. Focus is on work environment, and organizational and managerial aspects; – all contributing to the motivation and engagement of the individual. Regression analysis, made by Boston Research Group, demonstrate the weights of the different ingredients in Total Motivation.

  • 45% | Intrinsic Motivation: You exploit your talents, your needs are met and you identify the purpose in what you’re doing.
  • 42% | Motivation capabilities: Your ability to identify what you need and what you should avoid in order to become or stay highly motivated.
  • 13% | Strategic Connection: You know the strategy and your own contribution to make it happen

Motivation Factor is working with  Intrinsic Motivation, motivation Capability and Strategic Connection. We verbalize your needs and talents, and we measure how needs are met and talents exploited. We give you the insight that enables you to proceed.

Explore Motivation Science

Below you’ll find selected chapters from the book: The Motivated Brain| written by the founder of Motivation Factor Helle Bundgaard


Our programs help you build a future with high motivation and deep engagement. Let’s talk about a Motivation Factor program for your organization.

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