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Samples, Assessment Result Reports
Indicator Report Sample in English
Indicator Report Sample in Swedish
Indicator Report Sample in Danish
Indicator Report Sample in French
Indicator Report Sample in Dutch
Indicator Report Sample in German
Indicator Report Sample in Malay (comming soon)

Pin Pointer Pro Report Sample in English
Pin Pointer Pro Report Sample in Swedish
Pin Pointer Pro Report Sample in Danish
Pin Pointer Pro Report Sample in French
Pin Pointer Pro Report Sample in Dutch
Pin Pointer Pro Report Sample in German
Pin Pointer Pro Report Sample in Malay (comming soon)

Survey Plus Report Sample in English
Survey Plus Report Sample in Swedish
Survey Plus Report Sample in Danish
Survey Plus Report Sample in French
Survey Plus Report Sample in Dutch
Survey Plus Report Sample in German
Survey Plus Report Sample in Malay (comming soon)

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Motivation Factor® Methodology (English) Download here
Motivation Factor® Practitioner (English) Download here
Motivation Factor® Metode (Danish) Download here
Motivation Factor® Practitioner (Danish) Download here
Motivation Factor® Manager (English) Download here
Motivation Factor® Manager (Danish) Download here
Motivation Factor® Team Analysis – One Pager Download Here

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Case studies:
IDG (English) Download here
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care (English) Download here
Anne-Mette Enoksen (English) Download here
Novo Nordisk (English) Download here

White papers:
White paper for the Hierarchy of Motivation© Download here
White paper for the Motivation Factor® Index Download here
White Paper, Motivation Factor Indicator, Jefferson Roy Download here

Regression Analysis | Modelling Total Motivation. Boston Research Group. Download Here
Motivation Factor Pin Pointer Pro (Validation)
Motivation Factor Indicator (Validation)

The Methodology, PDF

Imagine if everyone were a top performer
Motivation and commitment – is it important?
Are the customers the greatest asset for a Company?
In the valley we motivate people by threatening to fire them
Here’s Jane!
Indeed an interesting article in The Wall Street Journal, but
Motivation beyond borders  Download here
Recent research: What motivates men, and what motivates women?
Men will be heard; women will be appreciated
The Missing Links in Employee Engagement
The Last Letter in the Word STRATEGY is a “Why”
Is Performance Appraisal a Waste of Time?
Hertzberg and Motivation Factor

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