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What triggers your greatest enthusiasm and drive?

You can find out now. Identify your best motivating factors: your personal strengths and talents, and your needs, such as for structure, freedom or flexibility. When these are in balance, you unlock your energy to do your best work.

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You know what sparks your energy — Now let’s work with it

Discover how to take ownership of your motivation as an individual or part of a team. Tools and exercises give you a practical plan to engage and maintain your motivation for greater success. Find a motivation program that best fits your situation.

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Create and activate powerful teams

Once you know individual motivators, you can create optimal teams.  Team leaders and members together can unite their best skills to achieve common goals.

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Join a global network of people who ignite purposeful action

Add these powerful resources to your training offerings. Draw from a suite of proven tools and methods to work with individuals and teams, to ignite action toward personal and organizational goals.

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