The Expert Panel

We are continuously developing and improving the Motivation Factor products, program, methodology, and services. As new information is being discovered from research, completed assessments and successful consulting workshops, we adapt and advance the Motivation Factor idea.

To ensure that all these activities meet our requirements and ambitions, and to keep a high level of quality, we have appointed an Expert Panel. The panel, consisting of experienced Motivation Factor Practitioners, psychologists and a brain researcher, are reviewing all changes being made to any area of the Motivation Factor portfolio. This will guarantee a high success rate in a quality launch.

motivation science expert panel

The Expert Panel:

Dr. Jeroen Seegers
PhD | Quaestus Executive Development | Holland
E-mail: JeroenSeegers@quaestus.eu
Web: www.quaestus.eu

Jefferson Roy
PhD | Picower Institute for Learning and Memory at MIT | Cambridge | MA | USA
E-mail:  jefferson@muddledmind.com
Web: www.muddledmind.com

Jeannie Bjerregaard
Coach | JB Consulting | Denmark
E-mail: jb@jb-consulting.dk
Web: www.jb-consulting.dk

Julie Lynch
Coach | Uncommon Consulting | Boston | MA | USA
E-mail: julie@uncommonconsulting.com
Web: www.uncommonconsulting.com

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