1:1 Coaching Programs

Motivation Factors 1:1 coaching program creates self-awareness and enables you to take control and ownership of your motivation

Six or eight intensive 1-hour sessions will guide you through the entire Motivation Factor Hierarchy of Motivation…

“The Motivation Factor Methodology is pioneering in its ability to effectively steer individuals in comprehending how their personal motivation factors contribute to organizational goals. It is the first methodology to demonstrate how an individual’s capacity for self-motivation, learning integration, and adaptability to change can be enhanced through awareness and improved management of their motivation factors…”

  • What drains your energy?
  • How do you meet your needs?
  • How do you capitalize on your talents?
  • What drives your passion?
  • What is your purpose?
  • How are your personal needs, talents, and purpose aligned with your company’s overall strategy and objectives?

Motivation varies from person to person and circumstance to circumstance. Understanding how to manage your primary motivators not only helps you navigate through frustrations, stress, and demanding deadlines, but also aids in managing your career, achieving success, and reaching your goals.”

Motivation Factor identifies what you should pursue – and avoid to stay highly motivated. Using the scientific assessment tool Motivation Factor Indicator or Motivation Factor Pin Pointer Pro, we vocalize your personal key-motivators. We outline your passions and find your professional purpose, and in the end of the program, you’ll be able to create your own personal Hierarchy of Motivation™.

Motivation Factor 1:1 Coaching programs  is facilitated by a Motivation Factor Certified Practitioner. 6 – 8 intensive 1-hour sessions will take you through the entire Motivation Factor Hierarchy of Motivation, and enable you to take control and ownership of your motivation.

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