Do what you do best

Do what you do best!

By Karsten Bundgaard | Partner | Motivation Factor©

Use your talents – do what you do best!

We’ve all heard it countless times: “Do what you excel at” and “Dedicate yourself to improving your strengths rather than struggling with your weaknesses.” It might feel like an old refrain, but it holds true. Your unique talents are your secret weapons, and the more you use them, the more you can achieve.

Harnessing Your Inner Gifts

Think of your talents as your personal motivators, right alongside your needs. These innate abilities are what make certain tasks light up your enthusiasm, while others seem lackluster and dull. When a task aligns with your talents, it becomes captivating.

Of course, not all tasks will align perfectly with your talents. But by recognizing your talents, you can actively focus on them even in routine or uninspiring situations. The key here is curiosity. Challenge yourself, think creatively, and find ways to infuse your talents into your daily endeavors.

Hierarchy of Motivation | Motivation Factor 2022

Let’s dive into a couple of examples to illustrate this concept:

Example 1: Imagine you excel at connecting with people – forging new relationships is your forte. It’s through these connections that you achieve results. If that’s the case, leverage the experiences and insights of others. Collaborate with colleagues to discover smarter, more efficient methods for tackling tasks. Suddenly, the task becomes invigorating because you’re employing your natural talents to solve it.

Example 2: Perhaps one of your talents lies in contributing – helping and supporting others gives you a sense of fulfillment. You might consider others’ well-being as your mission. If contribution is your strength, dissect the task and find your way to the goal. Let’s say your task is to prepare a sales comparison report for the last three months. While it might not initially excite you, try reframing the objective. For instance, the report will:

  • Assist sales management in setting year-end targets
  • Elevate the company’s financial benchmarks If a task’s purpose isn’t apparent, don’t hesitate to ask!
  • Approach the task giver and inquire, “Could you briefly explain the report’s purpose and who benefits from it?”
  • Even if a colleague wonders, “Why do you want to know?” you can respond, “Understanding the task’s purpose helps me tailor the results for maximum impact.”

You likely know what needs to be done and have a general idea of how to go about it. But when your strength lies in contribution, understanding the “why” becomes even more crucial. Purpose is the driving force!

5 Key Insights into Unleashing Your Talents

  1. Everyone possesses unique talents. Your strengths are determined by the neural connections in your brain that get stronger with repeated actions.
  2. Utilizing your talents boosts your mood. Your brain releases happiness-inducing chemicals when you’re engaged in activities that align with your strengths.
  3. Leverage your talents to learn effectively. Your brain always seeks the most efficient path to acquire new skills. Tapping into your existing strengths expedites skill acquisition and boosts your confidence.
  4. Spotlight your talents. Current research emphasizes the effectiveness of concentrating on your strengths rather than dwelling on your weaknesses.
  5. Beware of overusing your strengths. It’s possible to lean on your strengths excessively, transforming them into weaknesses. For instance, if you’re detail-oriented, over-relying on this can make delegating or sharing expertise challenging. An excess of mastery can lead to being seen as an expert, but it might hinder collaboration.

Read more about talents here.

Motivation Factor® enables you to identify what to pursue and where to focus your energy so you can boost your motivation.

Imagine if you knew exactly what motivates you and your staff. Motivation Factor helps to verbalize your vision – and provides you with the tools and structure to work professionally with your motivation and/or your employees’ motivation.

Motivation and research

Recent brain research tells us that our motivation is rooted in our individual needs and talents. When it comes to personal change and the development processes, it is essential to focus on what drives you towards the goal, and it is equally important to know what to avoid in order to stay motivated. With this knowledge, you can maintain determination and focus along with motivation and willingness to adapt. Learn more about Motivation Factor tools and programs here.

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