Measure Motivation

“You need to know where you are – to decide which way to go…”

Imagine having a precise understanding of what motivates not only yourself but also your colleagues, employees, or team members. Picture being aware of the emotional triggers influencing those closest to you, knowing exactly what boosts their energy and what dampens it.

Motivation Factor’s scientifically validated online assessments offer insights into most of these inquiries.

After 10 minutes and 73 to 100 questions your results will promptly appear on-screen. You’ll then have the option to download and print your personalized 12 to 16-page report. This report vividly outlines your motivations in simple, understandable language or in one of the five additional languages into which the assessments are translated. Our aim is simplicity, eschewing complex theories or intricate typologies in favor of a clear, comprehensive report detailing your motivational triggers.

All assessments will pinpoint your primary needs and talents, presented in ‘Need and Talent Clouds’ that visually represent words associated with your needs and talents.

Moreover, certain assessments will gauge your Intrinsic Motivation (your innate drive), your Motivation Capability (how effectively you motivate yourself), your Strategic Connection (alignment with overall objectives), and much more.

All Motivation Factor assessments are validated by the Boston Research Group. You can learn more about the validation process here.

Additionally, all Motivation Factor assessments are cross-translated into ten languages. Complete the assessment in English and receive the report in Spanish. The manager of an international team can receive result reports – from all countries – in his or her prefered language.

Assessment tools for different purposes

Indicator serves as the premier motivation assessment tool designed for Certified Motivation Factor Practitioners. Utilizing the Motivation Factor methodology, this tool identifies an individual’s needs and talents, specifically tailored to support dialogue between the coach and coachee, and also serves as an effective foundation for the Navigator workshop.

Pin Pointer Pro represents our most comprehensive individual tool and is the preferred choice among professionals. This assessment provides guidance on what to pursue to maintain high motivation and what to avoid. Additionally, Pin Pointer Pro also measures your strategic connection. Pin Pointer is a perfect tool for both coaching, the Navigator and the Accelerator Workshops.

Survey Plus enables the measurement of motivation across the entire organization. Each individual employee will obtain their specific result, providing you, as a facilitator, consultant, or HR professional, with insights on where to concentrate your efforts within the organization regarding motivation. Based on the Pin Pointer Pro questionnaire and framework, Survey Plus incorporates a special feature that permits the inclusion of five tailored questions, including inquiries about the company’s culture and values. With Survey Plus as foundation you are ready to conduct both individual coiaching sessions, Navigator and Accelerator workshops.

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