Measure Motivation

“You need to know where you are – to decide which way to go…”

Imagine if you knew exactly what motivates you, your colleagues, your employees or your team. Imagine if knew your nearest colleagues’ emotional triggers, and imagine if you exactly knew what would enhance their energy and what would do the opposite?

Motivation Factor’s scientifically proven online assessments would answer most of the questions above.

Motivation Factor Indicator

After 10 minutes and 73 – 100 questions, your result will be presented on-screen, giving you the opportunity to download and print your personal 12 to 16-page report, in details explaining your motivation in plain English (or in one of the five additional languages the assessments are translated in). No complicated theories, no colorful typologies – but a self-explanatory, profound report describing your motivational triggers. Our motto is: “Keep it simple” – and we pursue this by focusing on simplicity in all we offer.

All assessments will identify your primary needs and talents, and visualize your motivation in “Need and Talent Clouds”, providing a graphical representations of words relating to your needs and talents.

Some assessments will in addition measure your Intrinsic Motivation (how intrinsically motivated are you?), your Motivation Capability (how well do you motivate yourself?) and your Strategic Connection (how well do you relate to the overall objectives?), and much more.

All Motivation Factor assessments are validated by Boston Research Group. Read more about the validation.

All Motivation Factor assessments are Cross-translated into 9 languages. Complete the assessment in English and get the report in Spanish…

Indicator is the professional motivation assessment tool, for the Certified Motivation Factor Practitioner. Identifying the individual’s needs and talents, based on the Motivation Factor methodology, the Indicator is created to support the dialogue between the coach and coachee.

Pin Pointer Pro is our most comprehensive, individual tool and the professional’s choice. The assessment tells you what to pursue – and what to avoid – in order to get and stay highly motivated. Pin Pointer Pro even measure your strategic connection.

Survey Plus is the assessment used for measuring team and organizational motivation, based on the Pin Pointer Pro questionnaire and design. As an special feature the Survey Plus enables you to ask five customized questions, for example about the company’s culture and values.

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