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Consider this scenario…
If you possessed the precise knowledge on how to inspire yourself or your team, Motivation Factor would assist in articulating this and equipping you with the necessary tools to systematically and effectively manage your own or your employees’ motivational triggers.

Motivation is the most important success factor for employee retention and performance. Yet the decision on how to support and address employee motivation is mostly left to the managers themselves.

The paradox og motivation management
It is indeed a paradox that most companies and organizations establish strict compliance rules for various business processes, yet when it comes to how leaders engage with their coworkers, empowering them to take on responsibility, self-motivate, and become resilient, productive team members, there are often no established guidelines.

Motivation Factor holds the key
Motivation Factor assesses an individual’s motivation level and pinpoints the most influential motivational drivers and triggers. The resulting insights and awareness empower both managers and employees to assume complete control and ownership of their motivation. Additionally, Motivation Factor provides a comprehensive range of coaching and workshop options tailored to each individual’s results.

What makes you leave your job – and what makes you stay?

  • 25% of new employees depart within their initial 12 months due to unfulfilled expectations.
  • 75% leave primarily to escape their former job rather than pursue new opportunities.
  • 42% percent depart because of an unsatisfactory boss, mainly attributed to insufficient feedback and attention.
  • 150% of annual salary = average cost of replacing an employee – (Direct and indirect cost)

Source: Garuda 2023, Gallup 2023, Betterworks 2022 State of Performance Enablement Research Report , SHRM 2022

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The decision to leave is typically driven by unfulfilled expectations, frustrations, and letdowns stemming from the actions or inactions of others.

Conversely, when someone opts to stay, it’s often due to opportunities, their contributions, and the connections built with colleagues, managers, peers, customers, and more. The reasons behind someone staying are usually linked to intrinsic motivation—motivation comming from within and associated with the Talent and Purpose aspects of the Hierarchy of Motivation™.

Motivation Factor enables you
understanding what motivates individuals, avoiding unfulfilled expectations, and retaining the right employees for as long as possible. Applying the insights and awareness from Motivation Factor’s tools and methodology enables the coach or leader to comprehend what is necessary. As one of Motivation Factor’s clients explains:

“First of all, Motivation Factor facilitates discussions, conversations, or dialogues between colleagues or between employees and managers. That’s exactly what we need in this situation…”

Research on motivation
Recent findings from brain research indicate that our motivation is deeply connected to our individual needs and talents. When undergoing personal transformation and growth, it becomes crucial to concentrate on the factors propelling you towards your objectives. Equally significant is understanding what to steer clear of to maintain peak motivation. Armed with this understanding, you can actively and purposefully engage with your motivation and adaptability.

Generating lasting motivation
Currently, substantial resources are dedicated to assessing external motivation. Emphasis is placed on the work environment, organizational structure, and managerial factors, all of which play a role in an individual’s motivation and engagement. Regression analysis conducted by the Boston Research Group illustrates the significance of various components in Total Motivation.

  • 45% | Intrinsic Motivation: You exploit your talents, your needs are met and you identify the purpose in what you’re doing.
  • 42% | Motivation capabilities: Your ability to identify what you need and what you should avoid in order to become or stay highly motivated.
  • 13% | Strategic Connection: You know the strategy and your own contribution to make it happen

Motivation Factor is working with  Intrinsic Motivation, motivation Capability and Strategic Connection. We verbalize your needs and talents, and we measure how needs are met and talents exploited. We give you the insight that enables you to proceed.

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Below you’ll find selected chapters from the book: The Motivated Brain| written by the founder of Motivation Factor Helle Bundgaard

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