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From the book:
“The Motivated Brain” – written by Helle Bundgaard, Founder, Motivation Factor and
Jefferson Roy, neuroscientist, The Picower Institute for Learning and Memory at MIT.
All rights reserved – Motivationfactor 2015)


Intrinsic Motivation

What it is

Those internally defined and determined conditions that contribute to the satisfaction of the higher or secondary Needs of achievement, recognition and meaningful work. Intrinsic motivation is based on taking pleasure in an activity itself rather than working towards an external reward. Intrinsic motivation is critical for long-term, sustained motivation – it is deeply personal, is situational and can only be identified and articulated by the individual him or herself.


What it looks like:

  • The executive that museum art curator whose life passion is to discover, analyze, restore and preserve precious artifacts.
  • The employee that just love doing research and adding details

Intrinsic motivation is inherently energizing and so going above and beyond, making a difference and contributing to the organization is not a matter of effort but of interest. On the other hand, intrinsic motivators can put us in conflict with competing realities. For instance, when the art curator is resistant to and inflexible with museum patrons who want to view or interact with the art or in the case of the employee who cannot meet deadlines because there is always something that needs further investigation.

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