Motivation Assessment Tool: Reveal Your Personal Motivators

In one day Motivation Factor Navigator enables you to take control and ownership of your motivation

“The Motivation Factor Methodology is the first of its kind to effectively guide each individual in understanding how his or her personal motivation factors contribute to organizational goals and the first to illustrate how a person’s ability to become self-motivated, integrate new learning, and handle change can be improved by being aware of and better managers of one’s motivation factors…” What drains your energy?

  • How do you fulfil your needs?
  • How do you leverage your talents?
  • What is your passion?
  • What is your purpose?
  • How are your personal needs, talents and purpose connected to your Companys general strategy and objectives?

Motivation is individual and situational. Knowing how to handle your key-motivators enables you to navigate when you meet frustrations, stress and hard deadlines – but it also helps you managing your own career, success and how to achieve your goals.

Motivation Factor Navigator identifies what you should pursue – and avoid to stay highly motivated. Using the scientific assessment tool Motivation Factor Indicator, we vocalize your personal key-motivators. We outline your passions and find your professional purpose, and in the end of the day, you’ll be able to create your own personal Hierarchy of Motivation™.

Motivation Factor Navigator is facilitated by a Motivation Factor Certified Practitioner. The one day program is the perfect base for a management team or a group of professionals who have decided to focus on individual motivation, efficiency and achievement.

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