Become a Certified Motivation Factor Practitioner

Once you’ve become a Certified Practitioner, you’re prepared to integrate the Motivation Factor Methodology into your business offerings.

Streamlined and impactful

As a certified Motivation Factor Practitioner, you’ll gain access to a framework that empowers managers to navigate complex change processes effectively and simply. This opportunity enables business expansion through an innovative, comprehensive framework comprising various workshops, tools, and personal coaching dialogues. Motivation Factor ensures you stay updated on the latest advancements in brain research, established motivation theories, positive psychology, and cognitive psychology. This support allows you to focus on creating developmental processes that drive employees, leaders, and teams forward.

Become a Certified Practitioner

Today Motivation Factor Institute has practitioners in all parts of Europe, and the presence is increasing in US and South East Asia. Motivation Factors strategy is growth through strong partnerships.. and in the coming years it is our objective to expand all over the world.

We’ll pursue this goal through a strong and dedicated practitioner network, of which you may become a part. A typical practitioner has the following profile:

  • Consulting companies as well as independent consultants, using the Motivation Factor Methodology commercially in their businesses.
  • Employees, who have been trained in the use of the Motivation Factor Methodology, for internal development processes.

The Basic, Virtual Certification Program

This intensive virtual certification program will take you through the Motivation Factor methodology, assessment tool, workshops and best practices.

The program will prepare you to kick start Motivation Factor as part of your consulting practice, or as a valuable management tool.

Motivation Factor Methodology
What’s motivation and why is it so important..? We’ll walk you through the methodology and tools – and the breakthrough neuroscience onunderstanding motivation.

Motivation Factor Individual Approach
Learning by Doing! You will go through the Navigator program as an individual seeking to understand your own motivation, and define your own Hierarchy of Motivation. Energy, Needs Talents and Purpose – The Hierarchy og Motivation from Buttom to top.

Motivation Factor platform and resources
We will take a close look at the AMS (Assessment Management System), the resources in the MF Practitioner Dropbox and we will repeat some of the most important parts of the methodology.

How to get Basic certified:
The Basic Certification is an open, virtual program.

  • 2 x 4-hour training sessions
  • Follow-up Webinar
  • 2 x one-on-one coaching
  • All material included

The Full, three-day certification program:

Day 1

Motivation Factor Individual Approach. (Navigator Workshop) 
You will go through the program as an individual seeking to understand your own motivation, and define the individual’s Hierarchy of Motivation, either in a Navigator Workshop or in a one-on-one coaching environment.

Day 2

Motivation Factor Team Approach. (Accelerator Workshop)
We will go through the “plug-and-play” exercises as if we were a team. This will enable you to successfully facilitate a half or full day team building session, based on our workshops based on the Team results, and you will learn how and when to use the exercises to support an organization

Day 3

Motivation Factor in Organizations.
You will learn how to use the cloud based AMS (Assessment Management system). We will walk you through the resources, pitch and marketing – and we will recap on the learnings from day #1 and #2.

How to get full certified:

Most of our Full, three-day certification programs are “Partner-Certification Programs” – ordered by an organisation or a consulting company, who would like to have a number of managers, HR-professionals or consultants dressed to apply Motivation Factor – either as a part of a consulting practice, or as a valuable management tool. Contact us for further information.

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