Solutions for Teams

Achieving team motivation, pinpointing pain points, and initiating corrective actions can all be accomplished within a single day.
By the conclusion of the one-day Motivation Factor workshop, participants will have a pragmatic plan to enhance and sustain motivation, leading to greater success.

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

Phil Jackson

Convening team sessions and meetings presents challenges due to various reasons:

  • Increasingly virtual or international team structures
  • Challenges related to heavy workloads
  • Time constraints
  • Budgetary limitations

Nevertheless, dedicating time to a Motivation Factor program remains feasible. We offer a collection of impactful workshops designed to address your or your team’s motivation in a straightforward, actionable, and enjoyable manner. Most of these programs can be effectively facilitated within a single day.

Workshop examples

Navigator, shaped by the Individual’s assessment results, proves beneficial for management teams. This program fosters team cohesion, enabling team members to become acquainted with one another, improving team dynamics, and fostering ownership of each team member’s motivation. Primarily, the Navigator workshop equips participants with tools, insights, and awareness essential for taking control and ownership of personal motivation. By the conclusion of this one-day workshop, participants will craft their personalized Hierarchy of Motivation.

Accelerator, built upon the Team’s assessment outcomes, provides an insightful one-day program. It offers a comprehensive understanding of the team’s or organization’s ability to acquire and maintain motivation. Leveraging the team’s assessment findings, the entire team is invited to participate in a one-day Accelerator workshop-program. This initiative empowers team members to address issues concerning team motivation and dynamics. Furthermore, after six months, we conduct measurements and ongoing monitoring to track the team’s motivational development.

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