Motivation Factor Team Facilitator (MFTF)

Train the Trainer Certification

Are you a team leader or working in a HR/ OD function? Do you want to boost team motivation in your organization? In our Train the Trainer program you learn to use the Survey Plus and deliver workshops directly to your team or organization.

Motivation facilitator training


Three reasons why you should choose the Survey Plus Train the Trainer program:

Team Motivation Facilitator in only one day! Learn how to read and work with the Team Analysis report; receive the Motivation Factor Methodology training and become an expert facilitator of motivation workshops.

Keep it simple! We offer a hands-on, practical solution – free of complicated theories and typologies.

Small investment! The training enables you to facilitate the workshops yourselves and enables you to execute a very efficient Do-It-Yourself version of the Full Package Event.

The Motivated Brain

The training follows a detailed, 55-page manual which gives you everything you need to understand and present the team results and facilitate custom workshops.

The program is based on the Motivation Factor Methodology. If you are not already a certified Motivation Factor Practitioner, reading the book: The Motivated Brain is essential to prepare you for success. Written by Helle Bundgaard, Founder of the Motivation Factor Institute, The Motivated Brain describes in detail the Motivation Factor mindset and Motivation Factor’s proven and well-documented methodology.
Purchase The Motivated Brain (155 pages) on in print, or as a Kindle e-book.

The Motivation Factor Admin program (IT-platform)

As a part of the Train the Trainer program, you learn to use the Motivation Factor Administration Tool – a technology platform with a built-in dashboard which presents a dynamically updated and aggregate team or organization result. From the dashboard, you can generate a detailed, 16-page Result Report, check team progress and track trends.

Team Analysis Report sample in English
Team Analysis Report sample in Swedish
Team Analysis Report sample in Danish


The agenda for the Train the Trainer Program is:

Motivation Factor

  • The Methodology
  • The models
  • The levels in the Hierarchy of Motivation
  • How to use the Team Analysis Admin program (IT-platform)

How to read and present the TA result report

  • The Significant Needs
  • The Significant Talents
  • The Intrinsic Motivation
  • The Motivation Capability
  • The Strategic Rooting
  • The Highest scoring questions
  • The Lowest scoring questions

How to facilitate the Workshops

  • Need Workshop
  • Need – Behavior Workshop
  • Need – Behavior Action Workshop
  • High Score Questions Impact Workshop
  • Low Score Questions Impact Workshop
  • Low Score Questions Actions Workshop
  • Low Score Questions To Do Workshop
  • Talent Workshop

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