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The  Assessment for the entire organization

Motivation Factor Survey Plus is the professionals choice for assessing the  motivation in an entire organization. This comprehensive assessment tells you what the team or organization should pursue – and what to avoid – in order to get and stay highly motivated.

16-page report detailing the team’s or organization’s motivation factors, ready to identify the pain points and take action on a one-day Accelerator workshop.

Motivation Factor Survey Plus puts – not only the team’s or organization’s – but also the individual employees primary motivators into words.

The employee will answer 100 questions and immediately receive his or her personal 16-page, custom report describing in detail, the employee’s personal:

  • Your top-5 primary needs
  • Your top-5 primary talents
  • Your Total Motivation (Weighted average of Motivation Capability, Intrinsic Motivation and Strategic Connection)
  • Your Intrinsic Motivation score (Indicates how intrinsically motivated you are)
  • Your Motivation Capability score (Indicates your responsiveness to extrinsic factors)
  • Your Strategic Connection (Indicates how well you feel connected with the company strategy)
  • .. and much more.

He or she will have the report both in:

  • Survey Plus PDF – Ready to print!
  • Survey Plus Web ™ – A storable and sharable format with the employees own personal Motivation Factor website. Results are stored on a secure server – and the individual result report is for the employees eyes only, unles he or she decides to share the content.

Download a sample report here…


Motivation Factor Survey Plus is validated by Boston Research Group

Read more about the validation of Motivation Factor’s assessments

Start using Survey Plus for your business goals.

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