Survey Plus – Full Package Event

Motivation Factor SP Full Package.. a full-day Team Event customized for your team, facilitated by a Certified Motivation Factor Practitioner.

motivation survey helps motivate teams

Three reasons why you should choose The Full Package:

One day is all you need! In only one day you can bring team motivation into focus, identify pain points and take action. At the end of the day you’ll have a practical plan to improve and maintain motivation for greater success.

Keep it simple! We offer a hands-on, practical solution – free of complicated theories and typoligies.

Small investment! Because the analysis is automated and because we can deliver the results and customized workshops in only one day, we can offer the Full Package Event at a very competitive Price.

Survey Sample reports, here..

How we do it:

Your team members will complete the Team Pointer assessments and a Certified Motivation Factor Practitioner will present the analysis and facilitate workshops for the team based on the results.

The Agenda:

Motivation Factor Methodology

  • Introduction
  • The M-Factor model
  • The Hierarchy of Motivation

The SP result report

  • The Significant Needs
  • The Significant Talents
  • The Intrinsic Motivation
  • The Motivation Capability
  • The Strategic Connection
  • The Highest scoring questions
  • The Lowest scoring questions

The Workshops

  • High Score Questions Impact Workshop
  • Low Score Questions Impact Workshop
  • Low Score Questions Actions Workshop
  • Low Score Questions To Do Workshop
  • Need Workshop
  • Need – Behavior Workshop
  • Need – Behavior Action Workshop
  • Talent Workshop

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