Develop Motivation

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started…”
(Mark Twain)

Naturally, just measuring motivation levels or identifying energy-draining factors isn’t sufficient.
Action needs to accompany these insights. So, how can we proceed?

“First of all – Motivation Factor facilitates a discussion, a conversation or a dialogue between colleagues or between employee and manager. That’s exactly what we need I this situation..”

(CEO, Motivation Factor Client, Toronto)

Leveraging Motivation Factor’s validated methodology and innovative technology, we’ve crafted a series of impactful exercises, workshops, and programs. These resources empower you to address your own or your team’s motivation. Our emphasis lies in designing straightforward, actionable, and enjoyable exercises. Most of our programs can be facilitated and completed in a single day. However, the initial step involves determining whether you’d prefer an individual approach, a team-oriented approach, or a combination of both.

Coaching Programs are available tailored to the outcomes derived from the Motivation Factor Indicator or Pin Pointer Pro. We provide personalized 1:1 coaching sessions. These consist of eight intensive 1-hour sessions that guide you through the complete Motivation Factor Hierarchy of Motivation. This journey fosters self-awareness, empowering you to assume control and ownership of your motivation.

Navigator is rooted in the individual’s assessment outcomes. The Navigator program proves ideal for management teams seeking to foster camaraderie, enhance team cohesion, and collectively take charge of each team member’s motivation. However, foremost, the Navigator workshop equips you with tools, insights, and awareness necessary to assume control and ownership of your personal motivation. By the conclusion of this one-day workshop, you’ll be empowered to craft your own personalized Hierarchy of Motivation. Explore further about the Navigator Workshop…

Accelerator is designed around the assessment results of the Team. This comprehensive one-day program offers profound insights into your team’s or organization’s capacity to achieve and sustain motivation. Building upon the team’s results, we extend an invitation to the entire team to participate in the one-day Accelerator workshop-program. This initiative empowers team members to address issues concerning team motivation and dynamics. Six months later, we conduct measurements and ongoing monitoring to track the team’s motivational progress. Discover more about the Accelerator Workshop…

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