Develop Motivation

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started…”
(Mark Twain)

Of course the job is not done by measuring the level of motivation or pointing out what drains our energy, etc.. We need to put action behind the words. So how do we do that?

“First of all – Motivation Factor facilitates a discussion, a conversation or a dialogue between colleagues or between employee and manager. That’s exactly what we need I this situation..” (CEO, Motivation Factor Client, Toronto)

Based on Motivation Factor’s proven methodology and disruptive technology, we have developed a series of powerful exercises, workshops and programs, enabling you to work with your or your team’s motivation. We focus on creating simple, actionable and fun exercises, and most of the programs we can facilitate and conduct in only one day, but first you need to decide if you would prefer an individual, a team approach or both.

Coaching Programs. Based on the results from the Motivation Factor Indicator we offer 1:1 coaching. Eight intensive 1-hour sessions will take you through the entire Motivation Factor Hierarchy of Motivation, create self-awareness and enable you to take control and ownership of your motivation.

Navigator is based on the Individual’s assessment result. The Navigator program is ideal for the management team, who will get to know each other, improve the team feeling and take ownership of the individual team member’s motivation. But first of all: The Navigator workshop will provide you the tools, insight and awareness enabling you to take control and ownership of your own motivation. By In the end of the one-day workshop, you will be able to create your own personal Hierarchy of Motivation. Learn more about the Navigator Workshop…

Accelerator  is based on the Team’s assessment result. This one-day program provides in-depth insight into your team’s or organization’s ability to get and stay motivated. Based on the team result we invite the entire team to join a one-day Accelerator workshop-program, and empower the team members to take action on issues related to the team motivation and team dynamics. 6 months later, we can measure and monitor the development in the team’s motivation. Learn more about the Accelerator Workshop…

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